Tuesday 17 January 2017

Progress... I've made some

So we made it back to Medicine Hat, and are getting settled back into our home and into our life. We did 200 dollars of groceries so we can start eating more home cooked meals and less take out. And I'm pretty sure I've been running the washer and dryer around the clock since Monday morning. Unpacking will be a process, as both Kevin and I are in the mood for a purge (our little town house is just so full of stuff, but with 7 month old twins, that's just life I suppose).

Canada Post delivered something pretty while we were away.

Stray Cat Socks MCN in the 'are we there yet' colour way. My first self striping yarn! This loverly little ball came in its own little cat box, all of the way from New Zealand. I won it on Instagram back in the fall, and because Canada Post is just horrendous sometime, it didn't arrive until after Christmas. But upon opening the package, it's prettiness was sufficient to make me not care about how long it took to arrive.

It went into my Box of Socks.

Well at this point they're only future socks. I'm going to try and complete 12 pairs (one pair each month) this year. There are of course a half dozen or so knitalongs for this, so I'll just direct you to Yarngasm and the Grocery Girls.

Today I've been knitting on two projects. My January socks, Hermione's Everyday Socks knit from some of my own hand dyed sock yarn. Everyone and their sister has knit these bad boys (pattern is a free Rav download), everyone except me. Plus their good for all the Harry Potter themed knit alongs.

I was knitting this bad boys on the a nifty little pair of 9inch circular needles. I thought I'd give them a try, since some people rave about them. And I did give them a solid try, I made it midway down the foot before switching over to DPNs.

Pros: perfect for socks that would live in your purse, no tangley cables or loose dpns to worry about.

So far that's it for pros.

Cons: Slow! but maybe just plain stockinette would be faster? Weird in your hands, had to switch to DPNs for the heal anyways. Slow!

So DPNs it is for me. I'll probably cast on a different pair of just vanilla socks on these to live in the glove compartment of the SUV, for knitting on the go.

The Boreal Forrest Cowl. I honestly thought I'd be done by now, but we've cut the boys cold turkey on napping (or having) in their swings. So naps have been very short the past two days and the boys have been extra cranky when awake. I did finish the second blue section, which leaves me with two more before the ribbing.

Oh and I lied, I also started on Clue 3 of Mina's Cozy Shlanket MKAL... but I didn't take a picture.


  1. I disliked the 9" circulars. I didn't even make it through the leg of a sock before I ripped it out and started over using DPNs....which I also now do not use for socks. I have them but I use two long circulars instead. That works for me.

    1. two circs is the only method I haven't tried yet. I usually do either DPNs or magic loop for two at a time.