Friday 30 October 2015

Easy DIY Cross-Stitch Halloween Pumpkin

Guys! Halloween is tomorrow! are you ready yet?

If you're still in need of a bit of Halloween decor, here's an easy little project that you can bang out in an afternoon.

For this project you need

-1 pumpkin real or fake (fake pumpkins need to be hollow)
-Graph paper and a Pen
-Knife to get inside that pumpkin
-A strong, large, thick, sharp Needle
and a butt tone of patience.

 And No yarn skills required.

Watch the video how-to here, and don't forget to click Subscribe while you're at it!

I love the way my pumpkin turned out, and I'm so glad I did this project on a craft pumpkin, so I will be able to use it year after year!