Thursday 18 June 2015

Celebrate Jurassic World with 10 free Dino Inspired Patterns

This Sunday Kevin and I went and saw Jurassic World. And it was Amazing! How amazing? Why don't you go read this post over on my personal blog to find out? (My Favourite 10 things from Jurassic World - No Spoilers)

Now to celebrate over here, I thought I'd share with you the 10 free Knit and Crochet patterns, inspired by dinosaurs, that I wish I had enough time to make.

If you don't mind doing some serious colourwork, this knitted in blocks Dinosaur blanket by Pattons is great.

For a simple but fun crochetted hat, why no try these Dinosaur Spikes by Danyel Pink?

Want to knit a set instead? This Dinosaur Hood was originally designed for toddlers by Julia Farwell-Clay, but some knitters have adapted it for those adult children out there.

Maybe just a hat isn't enough for you? Why not crochet this hat, diaper cover and booties set for a new born. Designed by Amy B Stitched.

Speaking of newborns, how adorable is this little Dino cape? Designed by Kayla Anderson, its the perfect prop for a newborn photo shoot.

Ok, enough with the babies, how about knitting up a Stegosaurus plushie? This Dino Jr. by Katie Boyette is pretty great.

Rather not knit your stuffed toys? This crocheted Stegosaurus is pretty great as well. Designed by the Button Ship, he looks at home in the grass.

Now on to sweaters. This wrap around dinos cardigan is adorable, and with all those textured stitches and colour changes, it would be a challenging little knit. Stephan's Dinosaurs is designed by Pat McDermott.

Here's another design by Julia Farwell-Clay, and I have to admit, I kind of want this dino hoodie in my size.

Finally, here's a great Velociraptor motif (by Kjersti) that can be incorporated into any sweater or hat or whatever you can dream up. Perfect to celebrate the new Jurassic World movie, and if you start knitting it now, you should be able to finish it before the sequel.