Monday 4 December 2017

Blogmas2017 Day 04: And then down came the tree.

Not much to say today. Alex and I still sick. Dom, fully recovered and energetic enough for this little shenanigan.

Yep, he pulled the Christmas tree down. I launched myself across the room in time to get him out of the way, so no injuries. But it does rather feel like he's the Grinch to my Christmas around here. (She says, of her 18 month old).

In other news, apparently if you're not using five million pins when you're blocking something, you aren't doing it right.

(This is where the picture of my little boxy all pinned out flat would go if I had taken one like I thought I did).

I did put my square in today, and did some knitting, but I'll show you tomorrow. Tonight it's 9 pm bed time for me.

Sunday 3 December 2017

Blogmas2017 Day 03: Hanging in there

Today started good and productive, and ended rough.

Boys both slept like champs last night (we are only just getting past the month long sleep disruption caused by daylight savings, which 18 month olds do not observe). And the day was started with Mom and Dad checking off items on our never ending to do list, while they happily played.

But while Dom seems to be getting over our family bug, Alex and I spent the afternoon feeling worse and worse. We're both well dosed with advil/tylenol now, and he's sleeping, and I want to be knitting in bed.

First however, I'll share with you:

Today's square: dkKnits technicolor smoosh toes in Lady Marmalade.

Today's tea: Strawberry Rubarb Parfait, no caffeine and not my favourite, but I'm too stuffed up to care, it's hot and that's all that matters.

Today's pretty from my Prairie Dye Studio Calendar: that's a beautiful 20g mini from Gingersnap That

And today's cast on..... more on that tomorrow.

Happy knitting!

Saturday 2 December 2017

Blogmas2017 Day 02: I will not fail on the second day

Last year (2016) for the Tour De Fleece, I boldly thought that with month old twins sure I'd manage 10 minutes of spinning a day. I think I lasted 1 day!

It's 10 PM, and I swear I will not fail on day two of my Blogmas2017, because that would be way to typical of me.

So here we go.

Mini Advent KAL proceeds along, there are my squares for days 1 and two. Day one is the Cyborg’s Craft Room, Assockilate in Stellar, and Day 2 is Tosh Merino Light in Candlewick.

David's Tea yesterday was Let it Snow, and it was so delicious I rushed out today to pick up some more. And then ordered even more online since our shop only had the pre-filled 100g tins. Also for 2 more days, David's has 20% off 200g and 40% off 300g. Perfect time to stock up on your favourite Christmas Teas (santa's secret) so you don't have to ration them quite as thin next Autumn.

Today's tea was Chocolate Macaron, one that I actually have in my own personal stash, and very nice.

The Prairie Dye Studio Calendar is really setting the bar high for days 1 (project bag) and 2. Today was a six pack of beautiful 20 gram mini's in her Unconventional Christmas theme. They are just crying out to be used in some sort of amazing colourwork project.

Progress on my Little Boxy is keeping a-pace, I just three-needle bound off one shoulder seem and will do the other as soon as I post this.

Oh and I managed to get a Podcast video up, it only took all of last night and today, technical issues and what nots.

Anyhow, hope your Christmas knitting is moving along swimmingly. See you all tomorrow for day 03!

Friday 1 December 2017

Blogmas2017 Day 01: Advent Calendar Overkill

First I said, I don't need to buy a yarn advent calendar this year.

Then the Spicy Homemaker was hosting a yarn advent calendar swap, and I signed up and played along.

Here is my beautiful calendar from Annie (@ann_la112 on Instagram).

Then of course I bought my David's Tea Calendar, because we drink David's every day in this house.

Then I just couldn't resist, and I gave in and bought myself the most exciting Christmas Present ever!

Prairie Dye Studio's Unconventional Christmas Advent Calendar, Day 1 was that gorgeous project bag!

Then since I wanted Kevin to play along too, I made him a super boozy and chocolaty calendar full of surprises.

Oh and just in time for December First, the Body Shop in our mall had way too many Calendars left and marked them down super cheep!

Soooo yeah, maybe overkill? or Maybe it's just Christmas, Christmas, Christmas?!

Either way, I'm  going to try and do one more Calendar here on the blog, and post every day until Christmas. Don't believe me, well we'll see, but as always, my intentions are pure.

So pure in fact I even filmed a podcast tonight! That's a still I grabbed of myself by accident when filming! It should be up tomorrow AM!

More tomorrow! In the mean time, Happy Knitting!