Tuesday 1 January 2019


Hello 2019, nice to meet you.

2018 was a great year, don't get me wrong. But for this bright and shiny new year, I want so much more.

First of all, I want to shake the dust off of my DSLR camera, and really take some pictures. And then turn around and use them to celebrate and share my knits and craft.

So here we go.

Here is my Tecumseh, which I squeaked in just under the wire, casting it off on New Years Eve morning, and washing, blocking and even sending it for a tumble through the dryer that day. Heck I rang in the new year wearing it (after taking a nap, partier that I am). The pattern is of course by Caitlin Hunter of Boyland Knitworks (a fellow mom of twin boys).

The yarn, well its extra special. I dyed it all myself. More on that in the next few days.

And the place, our little homestead here in Olds, Alberta, just about the most beautiful place you could ever want to live.

Overall, it's a super comfy sweater, although I'm not sold on the dropped arm holes (or whatever you might want to call it). But this one is destined to by a sample, and a symbol, of what I want to achieve this year. And I love it. So happy 2019 fibre friends, hope yours is bright.