Friday 20 January 2017

Fin! on to the next project!

Last night I cast off the Boreal Forrest Cowl.

Here it is literally surrounded by yarn, my stash is a mess right now, I know.

I also put my babies in a laundry basket.

Because how could you not.

Anyways, I like this prioritizing one project. I've got about ten WIPs right now, and some of them have deadlines. I'm doing this little thing called Winter Camp. Sarah, of the Canadian Knitter Podcast fame, dreamed it up last year and I missed out. Naturally this year, as a camper, I am over compensating by trying to knit all the things. Bassically you knit, and you get points, get enough points and your chances for prizes goes up, up, up. You can get bonus points for completing certain project types each month.

For instance, in January you get 20 bonus points for knitting a hat.

I knit this one. Also a Pussy Hat.

So anyways, I had to finish this cowl, to get my points for blue.

Like the colours? I dyed the yarn with Wilton's Food Colouring.

Next I have to finish a sock. Well really a pair of socks. but for today we'll settle for one.

I need to finish it so I can start knitting mitered squares like a mad woman over the weekend, for Winter Camp's Snowball Fight (a race to knit as many of your mini's project squares/bits/etc as you can, with a team, in a weekend). More on that tomorrow.

Bye the way, although I'm not really supposed to be buying yarn, I managed to snag a skein in Voolenvine's most recent update. It turns out the strategy is just to click and hope. Also it was a scary expensive skein after the exchange and shipping..... so here's hoping I love it!


  1. I thought everyone put their babies in laundry baskets. Okay, mine was one of those shopping cart thingies...and it was also filled with boxes...and it was last week and he's 2........

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