Saturday 14 January 2017

I am pretty much the worst at writing blogs ever.... also sewing in buttons

Alex is sitting on my lap while I write this... and while I can no longer knit with babies in my lap (the boys love grabbing the yarn and needles too much) apparently I can type. So I guess I should get back to writing things.

Also I've decided that one of my knitting goals of 2017 is to read the Yarn Harlot's blog in its entirety. Which is both inspirational and good for a laugh. I decided this yesterday when I had caught up on all of the two dozen or so knitting podcasts I watch and didn't want to start any new ones. (here's to being a stay at home mom in winter. Sure my house is a mess... but this house is only ours until tomorrow, so why clean today?)

Anyways, my point is, between Stephanie Pearl-McPhee and babies who want to sit on mommies lap all of the time, I think I'll aim to hit 4 posts a week here. Plus I need the outlet as my brain keeps coming up with ideas that I don't have time to film edit and upload to YouTube.

As for today's post, I finally got around to sewing on buttons to Dominic's Christmas cardigan. Which means that later today I am going to wrangle the boys into their matching Playdate Cardigans (pattern by Tin Can Knits).

After seeing one knit up in blue on Nicole (of Hue Loco) 's podcast, I knew I needed to knit two of them for my, at the time, unborn twin boys. I finished one while pregnant, and worked up the second this fall. The Yarn is Hue Loco Tweed Sock in Mint and Mineral.

The are the 6 month size, and since my boys are small and came one month early, they should be just about ready to fit them now. I'll let you know how that goes tomorrow.

Oh and as for the buttons, well even counting my ribs, using stitch markers to mark and test placement, and bragging about it on instagram, well I still managed to screw it up and had to pull out one. Oh well, all done now.

I guess I should go ahead and sew on the buttons for Jack's Christmas Cardigan too then.

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