Saturday 17 February 2018

Today I'm 30, and maybe I'm finally learning a thing or two

Well it's the big 30 for me. And to be honest, I'm not sure I feel all that different. I think I really aged out of my 20s back when we found out we were expecting twins.

But today I did make one decision already, influence by my older and supposedly wiser self.

I did not cast on my So Faded Sweater.

Here's my beautiful fade of Hedgehog Fibres Sock yarn, in Typewriter, Boombox, Oracle and Graphite. I have it with me here in Crowsnest Pass (that's where we've been for all of February by the way), all caked up and with the intention of casting it on as a birthday present.

I learnt lessons from my Tegna, and knit a pair of swatches.

Decided on a tighter than recommended gauge on a 3.5 mm needle and did all the math I need to knit the size that will fit me. Heck I even measured myself rather than go with the size I am in my head.

Problem is, it's all written down on the printed out pattern... which I currently can't quite find (I'm fairly certain I packed it).

I almost cast it on anyways.

But I realized my 3.5 mm tips are currently knitting this project.

My Hearthstone by Ysolda Teague.

And I just have way too many WIPs on the needles right now (20, which is where I am supposed to draw the limit).

And so I made a mature choice, guided by age and wisdom, and decided to knit on this instead.

A long running sweater design project that is some number of inches away from the hem (I just can't seem to find my measuring tape.... maybe as a 30 year old I will be more organized than I was in my twenties? one can hope!)

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  1. I frogged two projects yesterday. One was a shawl. I knew after the first section that the yarn wasn't going to play well with the pattern but I pressed on....and on.....and on.....until I dropped a stitch marker and realized that nowhere in the pattern did it give you numbers of stitches between stitch markers. I was going to have to sit and figure out the entire stitch count between every stitch marker. And while I was 100% willing to do that (and I will someday finish that math)....the project languished, mocking me. So, I frogged it.

    That brings my WIP list down to 9, which is significantly more acceptable than 11. But, to be fair, three are design projects (and one is a collection of several design projects). ::sigh:: It will end someday, right?