Sunday 25 February 2018

Things I knit in Crowsnest Pass

We just got back home to Medicine Hat, after spending pretty much all of February in Crowsnest Pass. And while I was unpacking today I thought both: hey I finished a fair number of knits there and yeep I didn't knit half of what I brought with me.

The problem of course being the presence of a lovely little yarn shop in CNP, A Nest of Needles.

Some tiny Patons Kroy Socks.

My Carbeth of course.

This little Boy Sweater.

A hat for Kevin for Valentines Day.

A gift hat that turned out too small.

I finished my Flock Colourwork Sweater.

And a second hat, much larger, but I forgot to take a FO picture (probably because I cast it off the morning we left. Which meant I blocked it and dried it real quick on a heating vent).

Two sleeves and the start on the body for my Hearthstone sweater.

Plus a sock and a half for Kevin (no picture).

Oh... and somehow, this followed me home as well:

It's going to be a Carbeth Cardigan.... once I finish my thesis.

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