Wednesday 7 June 2017

Unicorn Poop!

I love making knit and crochet toys. There's something about all those little parts coming together into a toy that will be around for years and years that I adore.

This little guy came in a kit stuck to the front of Simply Knitting magazine edition 158. And since the only thing I love more than buying yarn is buying knitting magazines, and this particular one had the yarn for a cute project kitted with it, well of course I picked up a copy.

It all came together into this little guy (shhhh I sacrificed a pillow to stuff him, since I don't have any polyfill with me here in Crows Nest Pass). I only stuffed the body, should have probably shoved some into the legs.

Alex doesn't seem to mind however. Dom didn't either. In fact the only complaint they had was that there weren't two of them. This is a recurring problem in our lives.

The pattern is the Magical Unicorn by Sincerely Louise.


  1. I almost bought that same magazine yesterday. I might go back for it because I want the unicorn.

    1. its a cute unicorn for sure! super fast to knit.