Tuesday 6 June 2017

Ripped, Knit and crochet.

I was knitting the Snowmelt Shawl by Helen Stewart of Curious Handmade. I ripped it out.

I just wasn't feeling the peach yarn (which I dyed myself). In theory it looked good with the other two (purple is Republik of Wool and Blue is Francophile Knits), and by in theory I mean in skein form. But half way through the knit I just knew I hated it and it needed to go to the frog pond.

So I'll probably cast that one back on eventually... since it is a FO I would really like to have, I mean I don't have any semi-circular shawls yet. And really that is reason enough for me.

I cast on the Twisted Soul socks, for the Sockmatician's Twisted Stitches knit along. These are a mystery knit pattern, heavily cabled. I won't share any more pictures until all the clues are out. I'll be pleasantly surprised if I manage to finish these bad boys before the end of the month.

These Caron Cakes are a project with a deadline. I actually added a fifth to that pile, just in case. They are quickly becoming a chevron crochet blanket for a bridal shower on the 17th. I'd say I'm about half way there.

So that's what I have pictures of... actual WIPs, well I think I'm upwards of 7 right now. So that's fun.

What have you been working on?


  1. I finished a pair of socks today. I started another pair (using a dyed blank, which I've never worked with). I need to add that to my Stash Dash total :)

    1. Nice, I've done one pair of sock blank socks, and quite enjoyed it. I've got two more blanks in the stash that need knitting. You're doing stash dash too! I'm aiming for 10km, so here's hoping I can hit that!