Saturday 4 November 2017

Lab Report Episode 05: Guess who's back...

Back again.

Sara's back.

Tell a friend.

Note to self, get an Eminem playlist on your phone for tomorrow's drive to Calgary.

Guys I put up a new YouTube video! a 'long' format podcast. Who am I?!

Watch it here!

In this video:

FOs Pinewood Pullover : Mix and Match Sweaters Brown: Green: Selbu Mittens: Cat Hat and Mitts: Mario and Luigi Hats: Speckle and Pop MKAL: WIPS Deschain: Knitpicks lindy chain yarn: The Traveller Shawl Design: Babbles Traveling Yarns: Dancing Deer Mittens: New Yarn Borgo de Pazzi Magic Kettle:

In other news, I finished my Speckle and Pop shawl, here is a picture of it blocking. I wet blocked it and stretched it to within an inch of it's life.

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