Wednesday 1 November 2017

Grand Shawl Plans for November

It's another month gone by, and the boys are 17 months old today! They are of course celebrating this milestone by being fussy teethers who don't want to nap.

I am celebrating by lining up four shawl WIPs that need to make their way over to the FO pile ASAP.

1) Westknits MKAL 2017, Speckle and Pop

This one is on it's second last row, something that has been determined by that wee little ball of my main colour 1. And while that should mean it'll be a quick finish, you should know I have something like 820 stitches to bind off with a multi coloured icord.... so you know. Fun.

2) The Traveller

This is a shawl I've been planning for years, I have three beautiful skeins of natural coloured BFL handspun, in about a DK weight, that I knew needed to be a rustic shawl. Babbles Traveling Yarns is having an Outlander KAL, and well it was time to get a move on on this one. I'm just about done the first section... although I may need to spin some more of the oatmeal colour.

3) My homespun Marled Magic

This one hasn't even been on needles for the last month, just the stitches on holders, waiting for me to spin up some more yarn. I've got the next skein ready to go so time to put it back on needles. Well maybe after I finish my other Westknit.

4) My Starting Point (ironically my finishing point as well)

Just keep knitting, just keep knitting, just keep knitting, knitting, knitting.


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