Tuesday 20 January 2015

Making Pom Poms!

Over the holidays I finally traded up my cardboard circles for real pom pom makers. And I can tell you, I'll never go back!

Here are a set of three poms made from Red Heart Super Saver Grape Fizz. I made up all three sizes to see which I preferred for a hat I was working on.

The pompom makers are made by Clover and purchased at Mary Maxim, and run about $11 for the jumbo one and $9 for the blue and green pair.

The jumbo makes a 4.5'' pom, the blue makes a 3.3/8" pom and the yellow green a 2.5" pom.

You can wrap more or less yarn to make them more or less dense, or wrap combos of colours to make half and half or patterned poms.

Here's a short YouTube video tutorial on using this particular set of makers.

There's a couple of styles of makers out there, so if I try any of the others I'll let you know how they worked out.

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