Monday 12 January 2015

Crochet Minion Toy

As much as possible, I prefer to give hand crafted gifts to purchased ones. However, that can be difficult when you have a half dozen or so Christmas Gift Swaps and White Elephants.

Much like Micheal from the office with his iPod, this is how you win a Yankee Swap.

With a crocheted Minion from Despicable Me. I followed the pattern by Nicole's Nerdy Knots (available as a free ravelry download). With some free style modifications to the gloves and the face to save time and effort. I worked in in Red Heart Soft Touch, and apart from buying the blue and yellow, the rest came out of my stash.

He worked up quick (I made him the day before, about 4 hours while watching Netflix). And he was stolen many times during the swap. I've got enough of the yellow and blue yarn to make a couple more, and might have to do it (especially if they make a Despicable Me 3, which they probably will).

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