Wednesday 10 January 2024

Mad Hatter Quilt Block - Art East Quilting Co Mad Quilt Party


Friends I pieced together some cake today.

From pieces that have been sitting on my table since I want to say mid November.

From a block of the month that I promised myself I wouldn't get behind on (so much for that).

I also finished putting together the Mad Hatter (I may need to stick a 10/6 price tag on his hat later on).

These blocks are from the spectacular Art East Quilting Co. and their Mad Quilt Party annual quilt along. The fabrics are all Tula Pink True Colors by Free Spirit Fabrics, so you know you can't go wrong there.

And sure, do I have another quilt kit similarily themed?

Tula Pinks Mad Hatter's Tea Party Quilt

But I am a sucker for a good block of the month, and for starting way too many projects without finishing them. So you know, how it goes.

I've already finished month 2, the March Hare and his pocket watch.

And month 1, Alice, of course. 

The kit and pattern have been spectacular so far, highly recommend. And they leave me drooling over their most recent offering, the Folk Art Sampler block of the month.

But I need to be a good crafter who is working down her stash not up, so I'll hold off on that for now. But if you're interested, please do go check it out! Actually, it's only $45 Canadian dollars for the pattern, one block each week....... show restraint Sara. 2024 Folk Art Sampler Here 

For now tho, I will behave, and get to work on catching up, I believe the Door Mouse is up next.

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