Thursday 15 October 2020

What's on the go? and where are we going?

 As per usual, I haven't posted in a while, and I have waaay too many WIPs on the go. Add to that enough planned future knits to insulate my whole house and you can imagine I feel a little bit overwhelmed by the need to knit faster sometimes.

So instead of apologizing for lack of posts, I'll just share a little of what I've been up to this week. And instead of thinking of all the future knitting I want to do, I'll just share what's prominent in my mind right now (no guarantee of course that it is what I'll actually cast on next, I'm easily distracted). Also a whole new 'InstaWorld' is calling me right now, and once you dip your toes in a little you'll understand why.

So this week, it is of course Westknits MKAL season, and like most years I'm keeping up.... so far. Here's Marshall looking stinking cute after I finished clue 1 and the bonus clue.

The yarn I am using for mine is local to Alberta, it is the fabulous Lily and Pine, her colours are always bright and cheery and perfect to knit with as we head into winter here. And my Rav page for the project is here.

Gnomes have been popping up around here as I slowly ease into my Christmas knitting. These are Never Not Gnoming by Imagined Landscapes, using some stash yarn leftover from knitting certain little boys Christmas Vests.... have I shared those here? Nope.... Here's a Rav Link.

I've started a new stitching project, this is the Original Dropcloth Sampler available on Etsy. And Speaking of stitching, I've gone down a all things sewing and stitching rabbit hole, triggered by my discovery of Bernadette Banner on YouTube. So thankyou YouTube Algorithms, it turns out you do know what I want to be watching. Anywho, that lead me to Costube, and historical sewing and Rachel Maksy and pretty much wanting to be her when I grow up. 

Long story short I added a new Instagram account to my life, you can now find me @turner_sr for homestead and life stuffs, @yarnlab for you know yarn, and @SaraSewsSometimes for my sewing/stitching endeavours. Also our dog Willow has one too @Willowtheflopdog. Here's a picture of her with my brother's cat Kimmi, who is most likely now our cat.

As for what I want to do next, in between keeping up with the MKAL, about 20 other WIPs, halloween costume sewing and 3 small boys.

The Milet Mittens by Ysolda Teague have been itching to be cast on for a while now. Especially urgent with the snow that has arrived the past two mornings. I've go a kit for these, and since colourwork practically knits itself you'd think they'd be done by now.

Cia of Cias Bod podcast on YouTube suggested that this month we should alter old knits to make them more wearable. And I've been meaning to lengthen my Soldotna since I cast it off.... sooo I should probably do that.

I've actually never ever worn it, something about being self conscious about my stomach and cropped sweaters don't jive for me. Speaking of which I should probably lengthen this one before the holidays as well too. (Julgran).

Anyways, that's just a little bit of what's going on in the yarn lab right now.

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