Wednesday 17 June 2020

Baby Knits Continue....just not for my baby

Here's two more finished baby knits, again, both not for my little one (I'm nearly 34 weeks along, need to knit faster).

First up is the Tiriltunge Newborn Onsie, pattern by Shja.

This is a super sweet little lace onsie the buttons up at the bottom and up the side, simple cable details and raglan shaping. I knit this for my friend Steph's little girl and finished it a month or two back.

Here's a close up of the side seam, with mix and match buttons (since the Covid 19 shut down, combined with paking up my craft room due to the flood meant I only had access to one button bin to find a set of buttons). The onsie is worked seamlessly from the top down, and knowing my gauge in advance would have been helpful, since I wouldn't have had to rip out and restart this knit after deciding I was knitting something fit for a porcelin doll.

False start before ripping back.... will I ever learn my lesson? Who knows, I did swatch for the sweater I'm currently working on for myself, but not for the baby sweater for our little one on the way that is also in the work.

Anywho, I knit this bad boy with some Cascade Heritage Silk that I had in my deep stash. Originally purchased to maybe knit a  colour shawl (I still have a teal and a pink skein left), I gave up on that plan and decided it would make for a super soft baby knit (its' 85% merino and 15% silk and probably not friendly to washing).

Up next is another Knit Crate project. Something about two skeins of yarn says knit me for babies I guess?

I wanted to knit a traditional layette for my niece to be (she's since been born, welcome to the world sweet Lennon!) and fell instantly in love with the Angel Lace Baby Layette by Marcelline Simonotti when it turned up in my Ravelry search results (you can find the designer on instagram as @tbeecozy ).

I knew that the Uru.Yarn Sugared Sport that I got in my April KnitCrate would be perfect for this. Coming in at 300 yards in 100 grams, the 70% merino, 20% nylon, 10% stelina yarn was both super soft and delightlfully sparkly, just right for a little girl. And best of all, mice come in a sold ivory colour (called diamond), just the one I would have picked.

The sweater was knit in a unique combination of seamed pieces with a seamless yoke, the lace pattern was easy to memorize and knit up quickly. For the contrast colour I dove into my miniskein stash and grabbed a 25g skein of Julie Asselin Leizu Fingering that I had from a 5 colour fade called Vendanges (I picked that particular kit up at the Loop in Kensignton in Calgary probably 4 years ago). And had no problem incorperating the two different gauge yarns together.

I should say, that I went up a couple needle sizes (info is on my project page on Rav) and knit the smallest size in the pattern since the Sugared Sport was a little heavier than the yarn used in the original. Also, I did improvise a little to have my garter ridges (they are a combination of thick and thin ones) match the pattern photos, since to my pregnancy fogged brain the pattern didn't seam to be matching up.

Overall, the sweater used 95 grams of the first skein of Sugared Sport, and I used about 37 grams of the second to knit the bonnet and booties. I used 23 of my 25 grams of the pink mini for the accent bits. The set has been gifted and I can't wait to see pictures of Lennon wearing it as she gets bigger.

Next up, hopefully I'll have a finished Vellichor by Andrea Mowry to show you, although it's knit on 3.25mm needles and its a slog and a half. Plus you won't see me wearing it for a while yet, since I knit it for my pre-pregnancy size.

I did swatch tho!

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