Friday 1 September 2017

Joji Fall Knit Along Plans

Did you know that Joji Locatelli runs an annual fall knit along for any and all of her patterns?

Neither did I.

Well I didn't until a couple weeks ago Instagram let me know about it. (Oh the enabling power of Instagram, what a beautiful and terrible beast you are.)

So anyways, I've knit a couple of Joji's patterns before.

And have about a dozen or so more on my wish list.

So this KAL is a perfect way to encourage me to knit some of them (plus it didn't hurt that she also had all of her patterns on sale for it too).

Anyways, you had to lock in your project choices in advance of the September 1st cast on date. Joji had a form to fill in in her Ravelry group.

The projects that I have chosen to knit are:

The Starting Point wrap (which was a mystery knit along this year) and which I will knit out of

Fleece Artist Merino Slim (the bottom most skein has been swapped out for a pinker, more tonal one) that I picked up at Olds Fibre Week when I wasn't supposed to be buying fingering weight yarn.

The BA Cool hat.

Which I will knit from Estelle Alpaca Merino Chunky.

And the Little Boxy.

Which I will show you the yarn for in the next post. Cause I'm excited.

Are you knitting along? What Joji Patterns have you knit/are on your wish list?


  1. I'm doing The Girl From the Grocery Store - your colours for that are fantastic together!!

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