Wednesday 12 July 2017

Tour de Fleecing

Hey there Fibre Friends! I'm at it again.

Two years ago, in the spring of new love with my Ashford Kiwi spinning wheel, I embarked on the Tour de Fleece (and video blogged my way through it).

You can watch those videos on my YouTube Channel right here.

Then last year the tour came and passed, and I managed a measely two daysz of it.

But who can blame me, I was busy with something else.

Aren't they adorable little peanuts. So sweet and sleepy, unlike today when they decided that getting into all the kitchen drawers was way more important than napping.

Any how, this year I am in fact determined. And again making videos!

There are the first two, go on and watch them!

I even got my old drop spindle out and finished off a project that has been hibernating on it since 2015!

Today I emptied off my first set of bobbins and washed up some yarns. And I am eager for those pesky peanuts (jk I adore my busy little boys] to get off to sleep so mommy can spin some more!

Are you spinning in the tour this year? Let me know!

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