Monday 31 August 2015

A cow for a cow.

Here's a little project I'd been meaning to share for a while.

First, the backstory. You see my boyfriend Kevin graduated from Medical School this past June, as a member of the Class of 2015, or the Cows. You see the University of Calgary has a long tradition of giving their Med School classes animal names, and for the past three years, he and his peers cheerfully Moo'd their way through school.

So for graduation, I thought I'd give him a hand made cow.

So I searched the Ravelry pattern database using the following criteria: crochet, free, has photo, all toys and hobbies, keyword:cow; and a total of 30 patterns came up.

After some debate, I decided to go with the Spotless Cow, by Sabine Ingrao.

And he turned out great! He only took two evenings to make, and I was able to use all stash yarn, Red Heart Super Saver for the white and brown, and Red Heart Soft Touch for the rest.

I threw on some buttons for eyes, and added a stethoscope to make him into a 'Dr. Cow'.

I loved the way the pattern turned out, with the great big nose, and floppy limbs (which are incorporated into the body as you go along) this plus toy has a great feel. Plus the double thickness ears stand up tall and hold their character.

I threw a UCalgary brand on him as an added touch.

Oh, and if you are curious, I made the pillow in the background as well. You can watch the youtube tutorial here.


  1. I wish I had a pattern I could make that quickly......I'm working on my 6th goat for Husband (but it's knitted rather than crocheted). They're not bad to make but I'm so over making the same thing for the 6th time. ::sigh::

    Cute cow :) I know there are a couple knitted ones and I imagine they may take longer to make. Oh well.