Friday 10 July 2015

Tour De Fleece and Vlogging!

Hey Ya'll! (for some reason I want to say Ya'll lately, please forgive me for that).

It's July, which means a few things.

1) Knitting in the heat makes me sweat.
2) Crochet in the heat makes me sweat.
3) The Calgary Stampede is in full force.
4) The Tour de France is in full force (which I of course care so very much about).
5) The Tour de Fleece is in full force! (which, you know, not sarcasm!)

For those of you who don't know what this is, it's a sister event to the tour de France made by spinners for spinners. Essentially, you join up with a team of Ravelry and spin every day that the tour rides.

And spinning I have been!

Every single day, in fact I've gone through 300g of fibre already. 

But even more exciting, I've been vlogging the process.

What's vlogging you say? Video-blogging.

That's right, I've been putting short, 3-10 minute, videos up, detailing my daily spinning. Some of the videos even include how tos for the techniques I've been using.

So here's the first video:

And if you like that video, please click on over to my YouTube channel, and subscribe for more great content.

The full Tour de Fleece playlist can be found here.

Thanks for watching! and happy spinning.....ya'll!

(it must be because it's stampede, I swear they put something in the water).


  1. .....and the funny thing is, all I put into the YouTube search bar was something along the lines of "making rolags with hand carders" and it was in the list and wasn't horribly long. So, you know, woo-hoo!

    1. Nice! well I'm glad you found it! and yeah, there's not a tonne of fibre stuff on youtube, and so I figured, even if I'm relatively new at all this, some people will still probably find it helpful!

      Thanks for the comment!