Sunday 19 April 2015

Fibre Haul from Legacy Studio in Cochrane, Alberta

I had to make sure I snapped some pictures of this before I spun it all up.

This week I popped down the highway into Cochrane, Alberta to visit Legacy Studio. Theoretically I was going specifically to pick up a pair of hand combs, but you can't put me into a room with all that fibrey goodness and expect me not to buy some. And this time it was Bluefaced Leicester, and does it ever spin up nice and easy.

I decided to resist the temptation to dye the fibre, and rather embrace the natural colours, picking up 100g each of white, black and oatmeal.

Isn't it pretty? So soft and fluffy. The plan is to spin up a lace weight two-ply and knit a shall with it.

Here are the louet mini combs, loaded with some fibre. You can spin directly from the combs (I'll have to put together a video demo of that soon).

And here is some of the spun, oatmeal BFL, as a single. The long soft fibres spin so nicely.

I also picked up some mohair locks. I've never spun from locks before. The plan is to dye them and then core spin them I think!

Anyways, Legacy studio is great! You can shop online, or visit in person. They'll also be a vendor at Olds Fibre Week, so be sure to check them out!

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