Friday 6 March 2015

Half Lotus Bunting - Wanderlust projects

I recently attended the Wanderlust Yoga Festival in O'ahu, Hawaii. And while I was there I camped in a tent on the beach (a beautiful experience you can read about in full here). What does this have to do with yarn? Well, Wanderlust invited us to decorate our campsites with prayer flags, and while I do have a beautiful strand of traditional Tibetan flags, I opted to leave them at home and make some of my own.

So in this first Wanderlust Projects Post, I'll be sharing with you my Half Lotus Bunting, designed by Annie Soutter, and available as a free Ravelry download.

This project practically called out to me, considering the place the lotus takes in the world of yoga, and overall, the shape of this pattern really does call to mind Hindu motifs.

So I grabbed some gold yarn from my stash (bunting projects are great for de-stashing by the way) and started hooking.

Within a few minutes I knew something was going drastically wrong. Unfortunately I just didn't seem to be up to the task of following the pattern correctly. Which was likely due to the fact that I was crocheting at the myograph in the lab, while running an experiment. Any ways, I ripped it out and referred to Ravelry for help.

And this is the great, amazing thing about Ravelry... chances are someone else has run into the same problem as you, and because this community is just so amazing, chances are someone has found a solution to said problem and shared it.

Which lead me to AcorntoOak and her blog and thank goodness, a chart! I won't share the chart here, because you should definitely check out her blog and get it direct from the source. But I will share the results of it, a half lotus she made from crochet thread, which looks tiny and perfect, and I might have to make one of my own ASAP (is it just me or does it call to mind a book mark?).

Any ways, thank you so very much AcorntoOak for providing the chart (in beautiful technicolor too!) because I don't know if I would have been able to make my lotuses without you!

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